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11 December 2015 @ 01:53 pm

i am KATRINA. a filipino citizen who loves making fangirly-noise.
i love massu, tegoshi, tegomass, news, daichii, hikanoo, kisumai, and pigs.
i love the TEGOMASSU pairing.
i love making graphics and anything that has to do with tegomasu and news
my journal has few RL rants, most of the time, it's just pure fangirling
i write fics but i kind of got lazy on writing recently.
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11 September 2014 @ 02:49 am

greeting my journal after skipping the 6th year post LOL
also, happy birthday to my sister Kristel and happy anniversary to my dear bias group NEWS.
errr, i'm sure i'll fail on making a decent post for their anniv so... just making sure i've greeted them!

wow, my journal has been active for those many years heeee~~h, just kidding.
of course i obviously cheated since i rarely posted after papa was gone and i've been eaten by real life.
i'm sooo active on fb though!

anyway, i hope i can catch up to everyone!
i miss reading my f-list feed. nudge me if you feel like telling me something interesting! :)

hugs and kisses to all my dear friends ;)
26 April 2014 @ 04:44 am

hi everyone. just passing by and checking on all of you :)
i may not be around much here in lj but i'm still in the fandom. LOL
hope you're all doing well. i would love to hear from you guys. ^^
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01 February 2014 @ 02:26 am

i feel like livejournal's becoming my breather when it comes to real life stuff/rants, well... aside from twitter (which i only open whenever i feel annoyed about life and all)
i'm really getting so frustrated lately. i'm looking for a part time job coz the company i'm working for right now (and as usual) is not going well, and i need money so bad. ;___; the one i applied for did not accept me for technical reason (internet connection LOL). for the first time after a long time, i felt that sad feeling of being rejected again; orz

i also wanted to pursue my dream of writing stories again but i always think my works are not appealing. i wanted to submit stories while publishing companies here in our country are supporting contemporary writers T^T but i don't have much confidence. :(

i want to improve on my drawing too... be able to draw better coz my style isn't going anywhere.

i want to live alone because mom and i are having more misunderstandings and fights lately. i almost ran away from home last time :(
she's been treating me like a teenager again when i'm already reaching 27.

i want to get my motivations back on running sites related to fandom.

i want to take up culinary/baking class, and japanese classes too.

i want to do so many things!!!

i want to find myself...
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11 December 2013 @ 02:13 am
it's been a month since you were gone.
exactly, 36 days when you left to be with our Lord.
i always talk about wanting to move on, but in reality i don't want to.
i still can't believe you're gone already. we've just known about your sickness last May, how come you're not with us anymore? it was just 6 months, why? it's so fast. :(
i had so many plans for you once you get better. i had a dream of bringing you to a very nice place so you can relax. i had a dream of making you see my future family.
papa, i miss you so much,
the last time i've seen you alive, i did not even get to kiss or hug you.
i just bid goodbye on a sunday to go to cavite, and i came back home just to learn you were gone on a tuesday :'(
it's so painful each time i remember how i left the house without any idea it'll be my last chance to see you T^T

it's so lonely without you papa.
i feel like i'm living a lie everyday. like this was all just a dream and one day i'll wake up and you're there. alive and smiling. :(
wherever you are right now, please watch over us. please be happier there. i love you papa.

your daughter Katrina ;__;
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07 November 2013 @ 11:27 am
Dad has finally joined our Creator last Tuesday morning,
he can now take a rest and be in a much happier place without the pains.

But I miss him so much. I really really miss him. :'(
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04 November 2013 @ 07:16 pm

i really miss you and your poison tongue.
i wish i can keep up with your projects but as a fail fan, i can only watch few. :(
stay healthy and gorgeous xD

(late greeting, i knowww. LOL)
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as some of you know already, especially if you're in my facebook since i'm posting my RL rants there instead... my dad's condition has gotten worse. can't believe the last time i talked about his case was four months ago, in THIS post. believe it or not, after that incident, so many things had happened and changed in my life. that time, i thought it's a kind of sickness which he can recover within some time. i thought he'll feel better after a month or two. at first, the diagnosis were showing he has liver cirrhosis... dad has undergone so many lab tests to make sure what really was his condition.

he has liver cancer.

we never expected someone in the family will have it. no one among us or our relatives suffered cancer before. it's the first time. it's shocking and devastating, we didn't know how to handle such case. for the past few months, he's been in and out of the hospital.
my dad who used to be so healthy and cheerful is now losing his health. it breaks my heart to see his thin body, his eyes getting weak, and his voice turning to whispers. sometimes, he has to do in gesture or write what he wants to say. he wears diapers now, but he never asked me to change for him. it seems he's embarrassed about it... :'( actually, that's one thing that makes me feel useless. :(

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"Time will change everything in the future
All the flowers in the world are trying to bloom
Life goes on"
- from Wasurenaisa ~Life Goes On~ by NEWS

3 2003 and 2013 (SIGNIFICANT YEARS)
different people from different groups, different characters, different start on their company... became one.
they became NEWS. on Sept. 2003 nine personalities with one hope, to debut and be recognized, had their wish come true.
it's a year when they began to take their steps forward. they were so young, they have their dreams of doing concerts and meeting more fans. their "doubts" and "fears" were so hidden, they set it aside to be able to walk towards that bright future.

and this year, 2013, we have four men from that 9-people group still continuing their walk towards the same goal. 10 years of walking with their hands held together. but they're not just four, they're with the fans who are walking along with them, supporting each other. their dreams are not just dreams anymore, but a reality they'll keep on doing as long as there are those people who believes in them.

"I believe that we're soul mates. Let's walk ahead together, ok? I wanna be together forever."
- Koyama (Translation from Member Ai Love #801, 2012.10.01 by ninkinikki / spilledmilk25 )
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"It won't happen again, the same past won't happen twice.
I realized the value of the power of love
- from Hoshi wo Mezashite by NEWS

if you're not a NEWS fan, and you watch their N.E.W.S. concert and Utsukoi Concert consecutively, you might end up asking, "Why are those fans crying so much every time they have a concert? Shouldn't they be happy?" (; ̄□ ̄)ノ
truly enough, NEWS were always experiencing the downside of the entertainment business back then. their formation was filled with doubts, everyone was from different groups when they were still jrs. they themselves were thinking that "debuting" is impossible. they already lost 3 members on their first few years. with that kind of phase, everyone of their fans would be leaving... fans would be tired of waiting for something they're not sure would ever come back...
it was during Johnny's 2006-2007 countdown (watch HERE) when NEWS came back  with 6 people in the group. that show began without NEWS at all, there was Yamapi and Tegomass, and almost all JE talents were there... midway the show, NEWS members came out. a lot of fans were shouting, screaming out of happiness. NEWS fans indeed are strong, not giving up with them.
i'm pretty sure most of the fans started following them when they were 6.
after their return, they had a fruitful comeback with lots of concerts and singles.
came year 2010-2011, as much as the fandom was trying to believe NEWS would be so active in the show business, there it came again. the "waiting". even though no one among the guys were vocal about NEWS being inactive (almost like a hiatus), fans were all calling out. "where is NEWS?" there's that doubt of seeing them ever again as a group. some were losing hope. some were living everyday, patiently waiting and believing...
but when they did return, it's not the six people fans were looking forward to see, but four guys who are tearful yet fighting.
for the second time, NEWS returned, showing themselves together and shining during the Johnny's 2011-2012 countdown (watch HERE)
this time, with an assurance of not betraying the fans again. we may not be sure about the future, but NEWS is still with us until now, Koyama, Massu, Shige and Tego, the four of them who know so well how important their presence is for the fans, they returned our feelings, and it's enough for us to believe it'll be forever. :)

***kinda late on posting this. blame my busy weekend. D:
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